Updated July 2, 2020

NEW Studio Johannus Organ

Brand new Johannus studio organ. Great for home instrument with small footprint. Factory special:
New Studio Johanns Organ for sale

Rodgers E330 Organ

Large 3 manual Rodgers organ. It will need external speakers.
Used Rodges E330 Organ for sale

Rodgers 2 manual Organ

beautiful condition, built in speakers, and small footprint.

Rodgers 927 Organ

Rodgers model 927 built in 2002 in very good condition. Includes 8 channels of audio, 6 full range speakers and 2 subs.

Viscount 3 Manual organ

 Nice 3 manual organ, with built - in speakers and smaller foot print.

Rodgers 527 Organ

Perfect for home practice with small footprint, built in speakers and great sound.
Rodgers 527 Organ for sale

Atelier 90R Organ

Atelier model 90R in cherry. Top selling model.

Two Manual Rodgers Organ

Two Manual Rodgers Organ for sale

Allen Classic 20 

From a residence and in excellent shape.
Allen Classic 20 organ for sale

Digital Allen Organ

Comes with speakers.

Leslie speaker cabinets

$890. for pair

Conn speaker pipes

2 sets as shown