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Since 1976

Wang & Sons pianos was established in 1976 by founder David Wang.

For forty years, bringing the best quality pianos, direct from the factory.

This means no middleman costs, translating to huge savings and unsurpassed quality control. With personal service provided by the owner, Dave makes sure that every instrument meets the highest standards of quality and sound.

Over the last 40 years, Dave has developed close contacts with people in the piano industry around the world. These contacts have enabled Dave to acquire the finest materials from the best sources across the globe.

Aged hardwoods for important parts

2015-06-21 21.55.11.jpg

100% felt from the finest producer of felt in Germany

2015-06-21 21.46.59.png

Select spruce for quality soundboards

Solid copper wound German bass strings wrapped precisely to nickel chrome tuning pins, inserted into hard-rock Maple Pin Blocks.

With solid brass hardware and a high polished polyester finish to provide the finishing touches to these gorgeous pianos.

Wang & Sons is a family business.

The care and attention put into our pianos comes from a deep love and appreciation for beautiful music
and instruments. The joy we find in seeing our customers enjoy their Wang & Sons pianos is u

David and his wife Tina met in 1974 while attending Mount Union college in Alliance, Ohio as music majors. They have been working in the music industry ever since. Their vast knowledge of the Organ and Piano business will ensure that you have the help you need in selecting the right instrument for your needs. 


Now as Grandparents, Dave and Tina love to share their appreciation
for beautifully made instruments with their grandchildren. Here is Dave and Tina's granddaughter practicing at her Wang & Sons upright piano.


Now a 45 year veteran in the piano and organ industry, Dave has been awarded the Number One Olympian Dealer in the USA for Rodgers Organs. David owns Organs AZ in Tempe, Arizona and Wang Piano and Organ in Alpine Utah. Additionally David was recognized as a Top Ten USA Dealer for Johannus Organs.

PNG image.jpeg
Organs AZ.png

We are so confident about the quality of our pianos that we stand behind every piano with a 15 year warranty!

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